Does He Really Love Me?

By Paul Clooney
From How to Talk to Men

Do You Want A Commitment From Him? Here’s the roadmap to getting his: Discover Exactly How to Talk to Men

Does He Really Love Me?

Have you been involved in a relationship long enough to start wondering when the “L” word is going to get used?

Maybe you have tried dropping little hints or suggestions to get him to say it, but the truth is that he won’t unless he is really ready.

On the other hand, when he IS ready, he will start to drop some very important clues to test the L waters with you. Here are some of those clues uncovered!

You don’t need all of them to know if he loves you or not—every man is different—but if he hits a few on this list consider yourself one lucky girl.

He communicates frequently. When a man loves a woman, he can’t get enough of her.

When he’s not seeing her, he will be texting, calling, emailing, anything he can do to keep in touch.

He tells you intimate things. Although many men have a difficult time opening up about serious issues, memories, or experiences, the man who loves you will feel comfortable enough to reach this vulnerable position with you.

If this happens on the first date, this is not love. If this begins to happen three to six months into the relationship, then he is definitely falling in love with you.

Examples of intimate things he may share with you will be details of a divorce or other painful breakup in his life, stories about his family and childhood, his life goals and his dreams.

If he talks about his mother specifically, and more than once or twice, he doesn’t have mommy issues; he’s subconsciously letting you know that he wants to marry someone like her, and you might be it.

He takes risks with you. The men who love their women are the ones on the dance floor with them.

They aren’t smiling of course because most men hate that, but when they hit the floor it is because the woman they love has asked them to.

They will also express sudden excitement over other things like skydiving, cake decorating classes, and trips to the library.

Taking risks is identified by anything he does that is out of his comfort zone.

If he’s said yes to going to the ballet on Christmas Eve, he is a smitten kitten.

Do You Want A Commitment From Him? Here’s the roadmap to getting his: Discover Exactly How to Talk to Men

He treats you like you walk on water. The contemporary colloquialism to this is being treated like a queen or princess.

If it seems like you can do nothing wrong, and he is going out of his way with gestures to protect you and to keep you safe from the mud puddles of the world, he is in love and is using gallant actions to display these feelings for you.

He starts using the “L” word in random conversation. When a man is ready to share his love, he will start using the word.

In most cases he will not say the word TO her directly, the way she is hoping he will.

But he will start to love everything else. He will start signing emails Love, or start slipping it into conversation.

“I would love to see you again.” Or “I love chili fries too!” or, if he is feeling more daring, “I love doing stuff with you!” If you start hearing this word randomly crop up, the “L” word is on its way to you in exactly the way you want to hear it.

He actually says the three little words. This may sound obvious, but many women don’t believe it when they finally hear the words, and this is the truth.

Men don’t just throw this out there to get someone in bed. When they say it, congratulations! They mean it.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to discovering whether or not a man really loves you, the phrase “actions speak louder than words” is the phrase that girlfriends falling in love should keep in mind.

In a nutshell, you will know he loves you by the way he speaks and behaves in your presence, and even when you’re not around.

In most cases, we know in our heart of hearts how he feels, but women have this tendency to second-guess the feelings that are so clear.

These tips are the little clues he is leaving to let you know how he feels.

Letting him get there at his own pace will strengthen that love to the point where you’ll never question it again.

Do You Want A Commitment From Him? Here’s the roadmap to getting his: Discover Exactly How to Talk to Men


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