3 Things that Add to Your Desirability

By Mia Summers
Author of Conversation Chemistry

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3 Things that Add to Your Desirability

Love really hurts sometimes.

Everybody wants to be desired. We like the feeling of attracting people, whether it’s romantic or just friendly.

Some people go about it the wrong way, coming on too strong, being loud, doing things that get them noticed, but not in a good way, and certainly not for long.

So how do we want to be attractive to others?

Our aim should be to captivate people and keep them wanting more, to keep them looking to us in an admirable way. We want to be desired for the right things.

Think about the things that really attract you to a person. Think of your favorite people in the whole world–what are the qualities that draw you to them? Even the celebrities you admire.

Below is a list of some of the things that give people that certain something that makes them a little more attractive than the rest.

#1. Passion

Seeing someone with a passionate drive about something is powerfully attractive. This is one of the reasons why the ‘artistic’ types of people draw you in. Their passion towards their craft is palpable. It gravitates everyone towards them.

Discover what you’re passionate about and you will naturally attract people towards you.

Passionate people exude mystery, confidence, and positive energy. When people are around passion, they feel good about themselves because the excitement radiates throughout their bodies as well.

You want to be the kind of person that pulls people in without trying so hard and to do that, you need to make yourself a force to be reckoned with, someone who inspires just by being there and doing what you love.

#2. Ingenuity

In today’s world, everything seems to have been done already, yet there are still those that find how to be original in their own way, despite this. You should be one of them.

Most people are trying to find something that breaks the monotony in their lives. They want something new, something exciting, something clever.

You don’t need to do something drastic.

Design your life in a way that makes it uniquely yours. Someone who isn’t afraid to do extraordinary things or to do the ordinary differently is the kind of person that intrigues us.

Ingenuity requires courage. It’s an act of bravery because to be different, one must let go of the fear of being rejected.

You can’t think out of the box if you’re confined to what society dictates.

That’s why people who break out of a mold stand out. They wow people out of their stupor. They make you feel the possibilities are really endless.

Also, genuine people are hard to find. Someone who’s true to themselves and doesn’t let others define who they are. They take charge of their own person. It’s admirable.

#3. Humility

Yes, independence is sexy. Being a pioneer is inspiring. But to know that you wouldn’t be where you are without other people’s help and support is alluring.

It’s charming when we meet someone who isn’t afraid to share the spotlight with others, to ask for help when they need it, but they never seem ‘needy’ doing it. Just the awareness that they are also part of the delicate fabric of a community, of life, is awesome.

They don’t take life too seriously that they forget how to include other people in their successes, in their defeats, in their process of living it.

Humble people know that they are endowed with strengths, but are also aware of their limitations. They seek other people’s advice to improve what they have and work on their weaknesses.

Humility includes others in your experiences and this is a sure way to keep people wanting to hang around you.

All in all, these three things help boost your likeability, but they aren’t the only traits you need to be working on. A lot of other things are implied in these three things.

Figure out the right equation that works for you and people will undoubtedly flock towards you.

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